Dustin O. Williams

I’m an Autodidact, Designer and Digital Strategist. Most importantly, a human.

My focus.

I help solve problems and accomplish company and organization goals by using the internet.I focus primarily on growing direct to consumer + retail businesses through digital.

I am passionate about working with outdoor companies and helping them succeed in the digital space.

About me.

I am driven by a deep level of empathy for the businesses that I collaborate with and their customers, passion for the quality of my craft, the drive for knowledge, improving my skills and persistent curiosity.I am a multi-disciplinary, creative & marketing technologist that specializes in technology, analytics, ecommerce, user experience, customer acquisition, growth & data focused design and strategy.

While at Acumen Brands, I became an instrumental figure in growing Country Outfitter from a small-scale business to a national prominence. In a matter of months, Country Outfitter’s Facebook fan base grew by 7 million. My work in design, user experience, social media and online marketing catapulted a local brand to a nine-figure annual run rate and enabled the company to raise a $93 million round of venture capital.

Excellent at:

- Customer Acquisition
- Social Ad Campaigns
- Email Campaign & Growth
- E-commerce
- User Experience
- Product Design
- Photoshop & Illustrator
- Data & Analytics
- A/B Testing, Funnel Analysis, Segmentation Analysis

Other skills:

- Strong sense of purpose
- Relentless pursuit of success
- Collaborative

Dustin O. Williams